I’ve been neglecting my blog in pursuit of another creative outlet lately. I hope to share it in the near future. I promise to come back. Here is just a quick free-write I did during a writing group. It speaks to the theme of this blog but is in no way a finished piece. The prompt was butterflies. 


We’ve watched the Elmo about butterflies about 30 times now. I’m starting to memorize it. But it’s the easiest to pull up on the TV and quickest way to distract my monster, I mean toddler. I wanted to be a good mom. I wanted to tell my daughter, Now we’re going to wash the dishes. Pull up a chair and role up your sleeves. But instead I turn on Elmo and listen to Telly and Baby Bear try to catch the butterfly that’s swooping around Sesame Street. I turn on the faucet as quietly as possible and load the dishwasher quickly so Azealia, my monster, doesn’t hear and want to “help.” She loves to help! She loves to help so much that we’re almost out of dishes.

The first to go was the brand new butter dish I’d ordered from Amazon. I always thought that only rich people had butter dishes. The rest of us poor folk spread cold butter, strait from the refrigerator, onto bread that ripped under the force of the knife. So when Nick got his raise, I ordered the butter dish. It was only $11.95, but it made me feel rich. Then Azealia helped and it shattered on the ground a week after we got it.

Next was the plate that held the mac n’ cheese I was about to eat so that Azealia would see me eating mac n’ cheese, and herself decide to eat mac n’ cheese. A method learned from my monster’s nutritionist who helps her eat. Anyway, I was about to sit and eat this orange feast with my monster when she decided to “help” mom have some of her water bottle across the table, right onto my lunch and shatter the plate. Since then we’ve lost most other ceramic kitchen items to my child’s attempts to help. Now I turn on the Sesame Street about butterflies a little too loud, and the faucet on very quietly and half wash our plastic plates. Not the perfect mom.


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